Vegemite Combinations

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to tell you some Vegemite combinations. Vegemite is a salty spread to put on toast. It is an Australian made spread, you apply a layer of butter on toast and then a very thin layer of vegemite (don’t put too much because it is VERY salty).

1. The first combination is Vegemite and butter on toast

2. The second combination is Vegemite and avocado on toast

3. The third combination is Vegemite and cheese on toast

4. Now this last combination is very strange but it actually tastes ok it is Vegemite chocolate. Vegemite chocolate tastes a bit like salted caramel chocolate!

Hope you liked my post, Gisele


vegemite dan(iel) via Compfight

32 thoughts on “Vegemite Combinations

  1. I never heard of vegemite before. I would like to try it one day because it sounds like it could be very appetizing. Great post you have and I hope you have a nice day!

  2. Hey Gisele! I really liked this post. You chose something out if the box.I like how you used the compfight to insert your picture. This was very informal at least now I know more then I did before I read this post. Great job!👍

  3. Hi I am Savanna. Your post is very interesting, I like how you explained the combinations, it made me wonder how vegemite actually tastes. One suggestion to make your writing even better is to not number the combinations and put them in normal sentences because you say in the sentence “number one” and so on. Anyways, your writing is great! Keep it up!

    • Hi Savanna,

      Thanks for your tips I will definitely include them in my writing! Comment your blog URL I would love to check out your blog!

      Regards, Gisele

  4. Hi Gisele! I love the flowers you put around your blog. It puts me in good mood when I see them. I like the tips you put for eating vegemite. If I were to eat vegemite, I would probably eat the first combination you mentioned.

    • Hi Landon,

      I was hoping I would put someone in a good mood with my flowers, its a lovely picture isn’t it. I agree with you the first option is also my favourite. Thanks for commenting on my blog whats your blog URL.

      Regards, Gisele

    • Hi Noelle,

      Thank you for commenting o my blog! I think Vegemite is very nice if you just have a think spread of butter with it, I have also tried out a new combination… Scrambled eggs on toast and on the toast have vegemite. I will definitely check out your blog!

      Regards, Gisele

    • Hi Kashish,

      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love vegemite it is a strange and surprisingly delicious spread, if you get the chance to try it you should because you will fall in love with it. Whats you blog URL I would love to visit your blog!

      regards, Gisele

  5. Hi Gisele,
    I’ve never tried vegemite myself, but I’ve heard a lot about it from other blogs. Are there any other vegemite combinations you’ve tried?

    • Hi Stell,

      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have also tried scrambled eggs on toast and the toast has vegemite on it, Jatz and vegemite and even vegemite on Weetbix (the Weetbix hasn’t been microwaved yet and doesn’t have milk in it)! Whats your blog URL I would love to check your blog out!

      Regards, Gisele

  6. Hey Gisele,
    Your post opened my eyes to the many uses of vegemite. I have never tried vegemite, but I had heard of it and seen it in certain markets. However, I have never encountered chocolate vegemite; its sounds strange, but I still would love to try it! What does chocolate vegemite go with? Can it be eaten be itself?

    • Hi Maddie,

      Thanks for commenting on my blog! My favourite part of vegemite is that it is different and strange from most spreads! I will go visit your blog! What is your favourite spread?

      Regards, Gisele

  7. G’day Gisele,
    You have been having a lot of comments about your Vegemite post. I am still waiting to try the vegemite chocolate. My favourite though is toasted vegemite and cheese sandwiches.

    • Hey Miss W.,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog. I also love the vegemite and cheese sandwiches but my favourite is the vegemite and butter!

      Regards, Gisele

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