PB&J’s Life

There once was a jar of peanut butter named Jerry. He contained a delicious mixture of crushed peanuts. Due to the school nut policies in his town he didn’t have a friend. Eventually he would meet his soon to be best friend the most beautiful jar of jelly in the world. She was called Jelina.

One day Jerry was sitting on the shelf when Jelina went past in a trolley. Jerry caught his eye on this beautiful purple shiny jelly. Even though Jerry hadn’t meet Jelina before, he fell in love (“love at first bite”). He immediately dived lid first into the trolley. At the cash register, the man picked up Jerry and Jelina and scanned them and before they knew it they were in the boot of the man’s car.

The man (Kevin) put Jerry and Jelina in the cupboard where they met Nutty nutella and Bradley the bread. Apart from Bradley, everyone was part of the spread group (don’t worry Bradley is still known as part of the family).

During Kevin’s breakfast, the gang was talking and snacking on each others delights. They heard a creak of the door (cupboard) and saw a massive monster grab Jerry (Kevin’s hand). Jerry was so scared at what this monster (Kevin) would do to him.

Next minute, Kevin grabbed a knife, unscrewed Jerry’s head (lid) and scooped out his guts (peanut butter). Kevin grabbed Bradley and Jelina and smeared Jerry and Jelina’s guts on Bradley. Thats how PB&J came to life.

3 thoughts on “PB&J’s Life

  1. Hi Gisele. I found your story very amusing, you used your connectives well and changed a few words to go with the story witch was very clever.

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