Whats in my lunchbox?

Hello Readers,

At my school we have recess and lunch. For recess at school I usually have a golden delicious apple, some watermelon, a mint chocolate protein bar and some cheese and biscuits. For lunch I usually have some olive bread with vegemite and butter or a Salad with lettuce, avocado, tomato, cucumber, turkey and some Italian salad dressing. Sometimes I go to the school cafe and get a milkshake or a mango frozen yogurt.

Thanks for reading, be sure to comment what you have in your lunchbox at school (or if you don’t go to school what you just eat on a daily basis).

Vegemite Combinations

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to tell you some Vegemite combinations. Vegemite is a salty spread to put on toast. It is an Australian made spread, you apply a layer of butter on toast and then a very thin layer of vegemite (don’t put too much because it is VERY salty).

1. The first combination is Vegemite and butter on toast

2. The second combination is Vegemite and avocado on toast

3. The third combination is Vegemite and cheese on toast

4. Now this last combination is very strange but it actually tastes ok it is Vegemite chocolate. Vegemite chocolate tastes a bit like salted caramel chocolate!

Hope you liked my post, Gisele


vegemite dan(iel) via Compfight

About me 2


This October I have taken part in the Student Blog Challenge. As as a part of this I am going to update you with my life with an About me post 2. I am very exited for going trick or treating with my cousin. I am dressing up as a dead pigeon. In Australia it is Spring.  I love doing flips and playing marco polo in the pool. I now have a blow up whale called Jerry.


The 26th of July 2015

26th of July 2015

Dear Diary,

Today I went to my cousin Alicia’s house since it is her birthday. First thing we did was go on the slip and slide “Alicia is as fast as a lightning bolt“. When I was about to slide I fell over in the water and made a splash, it was so so so so funny! I gave Alicia her present and she was jumping with joy! We then had a sausage sizzle. I did not put onion on my sausage because I think onion tastes terrible. Then we played with her dogs Biscuit and Daffy. Biscuit is a corgi and Daffy is a toy poodle. Then my Mum said we have to go which made me sad so I hid under the bed. Then I eventually left and had to finish my homework. Then my friend Sally messaged me to say she wants me to sell sea shells by the seashore with her.




Emotive language


The Fault In Our Stars

As a task for Library we have to find a book that “lightens up your day” and as you can tell that book for me is The Fault In Our Stars. Most people would find this book is sad, so they would think why does this “lighten up your day”. Well this is true as well as them, I find this book so sad. The way this book has an impact on my day is that the main character Hazel, has not got the best life as she struggles with cancer but she always keeps trying. I find this very inspirational. Next time you get the chance to go to your school library or a book shop find this book and have a read of its blurb and once you’ve read the blurb you wont be able to put the book down.

Green, J 2012, The Fault In Our Stars, Penguin Group, Melborne.

Green, J 2012, The Fault In Our Stars, Penguin Group, Melborne.

Student Blog Challenge 2015

The Student Blog Challenge 2015 was an AMAZING experience. I learned so much about writing, adding widgets, getting images off Compfight, creating an avatar and referencing the images.

1st thing- writing the about me post was fun and challenging to think of things with the letters of your name that “represent” you.

2nd thing- Using the Compfight plug in was very very tricky at the start then it got easier.

3rd thing- For me creating an avatar was quite simple since my picture was the right size. I know other people had trouble because their picture was too big (for those people try using a resizing page on google.

4th thing- Adding widgets was really really tricky at the start because I didn’t understand the instructions but my teacher Mrs Davis helped me. The first widget was hard to add since I was new to adding widgets but as I added more and more they got easier.

I think that you should do the Student Blog Challenge since it is fun and it is good to have the experience.

Thanks Edublogs 🙂


I found adding widgets quite easy once you’ve added a couple of them. I added these widgets for special reason

The reason I put these widgets on my blog are

Clustermaps– I chose this widget because it shows a map with who’s on my blog

Flag Counter– I chose this widget because it shows the flags of the people that are on my blog and says how many people from that country

Feedjit– I chose this widget because it shows a live traffic feed of who’s on my blog

Weather– I chose this widget because it detects where you are and says the weather for that place

Subscribe Button– I chose this widget because it lets people subscribe to my blog so they can receive emails when I post something

Virtual Pet– I chose this widget because I thought it is a cute virtual pet that could make people want to come to my site

I hope you enjoy these widgets 😀


Images on Compfight

Canadian squirrel Johanna Herbst via Compfight

Part of the student blog challenge was to add a photo from Compfight. You need to add the Compfight plug in. Once you’ve added the Compfight plug in you have to click on the plug in and then search in the search bar what photo you want. Once you have selected the size photo (small, medium or large) it will appear in your post. You always HAVE TO reference.

My Avatar


I chose my avatar because I love this picture. I took this picture while I was on holiday and I edited it myself too. I feel this picture represents me because I love the beach and the colours used in this picture.